Dick’s creek landcare group is working to restore the creek and surrounding bush to it’s natural state.

Dick’s creek is located in Lake Macquarie, NSW. It begins before Hallam St, in Charlestown and ends when it joins Johnson creek near Oakdale Rd, near Gateshead. However, Dick’s creek landcare group is current focused on the small reserve off Green Valley Rd.

Within this section of the creek, it runs through two small falls of approximately 4 or 5 metres height and flows through a moist gully with relatively steep embankments.

Lake Macquarie Landcare has assessed the vegetation community within the reserve to be Hunter Valley Moist Valley. That vegetation profile description can be found here.

Dick’s creek flows from …. and then out to Dick’s Creek landcare group is currently focused on the public lot adjacent to Green Valley Rd.

Dick’s creek public reserve

For such a small parcel of land, I have been amazed at the abundance of native wild life within the area. I will be trying to photograph some of the native wildlife, some of which I will display here: Visitors. Still, the area is very much so under attack by invasive weeds.