Weekend weed bash – 17.03.2019 – 2 hrs

After getting the majority of Mist flower and Crofton weed out from the bottom of Dick’s creek fall a few weeks ago, the remaining has been niggling me to finish it off.  My kids kept me company while I addressed the section under the overhang.

Daniela took a photo of us tackling the crofton weed and mist flower

It was a short session but I achieved my objective only to notice I didn’t have to go far to find more crofton weed infestations a little further along the creek. Next week…

On the plus side, I had a chance to remove the ‘tree of heaven’ which can be seen in the photo above (behind the large gum on the left hand side). I had wanted to dig it out completely but the angle of the slope and some rocks made sure that was not going to happen. I will need to keep an eye on it to make sure it does not resprout from the remaining root system.

Dick’s Creek Landcare Group is Official – 14.03.2019

Had a call from Dick’s Creek Landcare Support Officer today (Daniela Oldfield) who confirmed that Dick’s Creek Landcare Group has been officially approved and I can now start to build the group.

I am not sure how many local residents will be interested in weeding on their weekend but I intend to find out. I will need to get the information together for the brochure that Landcare uses.

Dick’s Creek Bush Restoration

Dick’s creek landcare group is working to restore the creek and surrounding bush to it’s natural state.

Dick’s creek is located in Lake Macquarie, NSW. It begins before Hallam St, in Charlestown and ends when it joins Johnson creek near Oakdale Rd, near Gateshead. However, Dick’s creek landcare group is current focused on the small reserve off Green Valley Rd.

Within this section of the creek, it runs through two small falls of approximately 4 or 5 metres height and flows through a moist gully with relatively steep embankments.

Lake Macquarie Landcare has assessed the vegetation community within the reserve to be Hunter Valley Moist Valley. That vegetation profile description can be found here.

Weed plant list

Weed plant list from first landcare site assessment:

Weed Plant List
Agapanthus sp. – Agapanthus
Protasparagus aethiopica – Asparagus Fern
Stenotaphrum secundatum – Buffalo Grass
Cinnamomum camphora – Camphor Laurel
Bidens pilosa – Cobblers Peg
Syagrus romanzoffianum – Cocos Palm
Ageratina adenophora – Crofton Weed
Hedera helix – English Ivy
Nephrolepis cordifolia – Fishbone Fern
Lantana camara – Lantana
Araujia hortorum – Moth Vine
Monstera deliciosa – Monstera
Sida rhombifolia – Paddy’s Lucerne
Paspalum dilatatum – Paspalum
Setaria palmifolia – Palm Grass
Passiflora sp. – Passionfruit
Ligustrum lucidium – Privet (Broad Leaf)
Ligustrum sinense – Privet (Small Leaf)
Senna pendula var. glabrata – Senna (Cassia)
Tradscantia albiflora – Trad (Wandering Jew)
Solanum mauritianum – Wild Tobacco
Salix sp. – Willow
Watsonia – Bungle lily
Ochna serrulata – Mickey Mouse Plant
Plantago lanceolatata – Lambs tongue
Hedychium gardnerianum – Ginger Lily

Asphodelus fistulosus – Onion weed
Parthenocissus tricuspidata – Boston ivy
Solanum nigrum – Blackberry nightshade
Bromus – Bromus
Ageratina riparia – Mist flower
Grevillea robusta – Silky oak
Toxicodendron succedaneum – Rhus tree

Native Plant List

List from 1st landcare assessment of native plants observed onsite:

Native Plant List
Acmena smithii – Lillypilly
Adiantum aethopicum- Maiden Hair Fern
Adiantum hispidulum – Rough Maiden Hair Fern
Allocasuarina torulosa – Forest Oak
Angophora costata – Smooth Barked Apple
Brachychiton acerifolius – Flame tree
Calochlena dubia – Soft Bracken
Cayratia clematidea – Slender Grape
Clerodendrum tomentosum – Hairy Clerodendrum
Cyclosorus interruptus – Fern
Commelina cynanea – Scurvy Weed
Corymbia maculata – Spotted Gum
Cyathea sp.- Tree Fern
Dianella caerulea – Blue Flax Lily
Entolasia stricta – Right Angle Grass
Eucalyptus acmenoides – White Mahogany
Eucalyptus fibrosa – Broad – leaved Ironbark
Eucalyptus saligna – Sydney blue gum
Eucalyptus paniculata – Grey Ironbark
Eucalyptus piperita – Sydney Peppermint
Eucalyptus punctate – Grey Gum
Ficus coronate – Sandpaper Fig
Geranium homeanum – Northern cranesbill
Glochidion ferdinandi – Cheese Tree
Homolanthus nutans – Bleeding Heart

Livistona australis – Cabbage – tree Palm
Lomandra longifolia – Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush
Melaleuca stypheloides – Prickly leaf Paperbark
Microlaena stipoides – Weeping grass
Oplismenus imbecillis – Basket Grass
Pittosporum undulatum – Sweet Pittosporum
Pteridium esculentum – Common bracken
Smilax glyciphylla – Native sarsparilla
Stephania japonica – Snake Vine
Syncarpia glomulifera – Turpentine