Working Bee – 23.06.2024

It had been too long since I last worked in Dick’s creek. My intention was to take out some lantana from the rear of the reserve but I never made it that far. I ended up removing some palm grass and mist flower in the upper sections of the creek and then did a quick walk through. Unfortunately it seemed too dark to get any descent images. There were lots of things to be happy about but also a few disappointments. After such a long period I had expected some weeds to be encroaching on some areas I had previously worked on but in general, that wasn’t the case. The patch of sedge (Gahnia?) was going strong and appears to be out-competing the fishbone fern. Fern wall is doing very well. The swedish Ivy that I had previously removed was still clear. Also, areas I had cleared around bracken fern was paying off.

On the down side, the Bleeding hearts that popped up in abundance at site A appeared to be attacked by someone or something. A lot of the trees had been snapped or pulled to the point of having quite a slant. I can only think it must be kids making a game that was tough on the trees. It was good that lantana had not bounced back but the site is currently dominated by fishbone fern which I will be addressing in a future working bee.

I did not get any further than site A as night was closing in. Hopefully it is a similar story at the rear of the reserve as well.